Here is a direct link to the Allen Ginsberg site founded by the trust left in charge of all affairs Ginsberg.  A much more comprehensive review can be found on the index page. 

Official Peter Coyote Website

Here is a direct link to Peter Coyote’s official website.  A much more comprehensive review can be found on the index page.

Thomas Hobbes

Although I have always been attracted to Hobbesian philosophy, I must admit that I am not a firm believer in its tenants.  I am however fascinated by it.  After September eleventh I think that the arguments raised by Hobbes take on a new meaning, and even if you are not a true believer, there is something to it.  So here is a very brief overlay of the thinking of Hobbes, which in this brave new world should bring to light some of the serious problems of man’s nature that troubled Hobbes in his own day.  The idea of a social contract also seems much more interesting in a time when this country has been forced to realize the very impending dangers pressed upon a country that has never seen the likes before.

The Grotto

The Grotto is best described as a virtual labyrinth of stories, criticisms and newsworthy articles.  Best thing to do is to go bookmark this page and begin your navigation due to its sheer comprehensive magnitude.  Go get lost in the grotto.  This is a truly fascinating site with a wealth of material from all disciplines.

Cosmic Baseball Association

What can I say about the CBA?  If you have not seen this site before, then do so now.  It is one of the coolest sites on the net – combining literary figures with baseball leagues in a way that creates a lunar union of poets and writers like the moon over figuring a night game at some downtrodden park in the convivial night.  If you enjoy baseball and literature you will love this site.  A very fun exploration alongside a very in depth look at the players.  Loads of biographical material have been compiled here as the players stats in a way that is pure and as characteristic as America’s pastime itself.


Here is the official Harbor Avenue homepage of Martin Orlando, whom some of you will know as my cousin and mutual protagonist from my book.  Martinis is an electronic newspaper featuring a comic look into the neighborhood where I was born; yet it is also a nice display of professional page design.  Check it out if you have any connection to the geographical location of Ashtabula, Ohio.

Harry Redl

Here is Harry Redl (beat photographer)’s website.  The pictures are stunning and delineate captured moments in an era that is sure to mean something expressive to each eye that’s attached to a brainstem that knows something of this period.  Very beautiful!  Each picture tells ten million more words than I could ever describe here!


History and Politics Out Loud

Now here is a site that finally puts into being the sheer potential and capabilities the Internet has promise of aspiring towards.  This site is absolutely magnificent.  Using the technology afforded to us by this great device, History and Politics Out Loud affords us an opportunity to listen in streaming audio to some of the most famous events recorded through history.  Want to hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."  Want to hear the infamous Nixon tapes?  Go there and listen, this site will blow your mind.  Also, as an addendum, the transcripts scroll along with the tapes.

The Pentagon Papers

Read the Gravel edition of the Pentagon Papers here, which, I think, gives a pretty good example of the patterns of American foreign diplomacy in the world.  Here is a mere insight into the mindset of our colossus government at work.


John Coltrane

Dave Wild’s Wild Place presents John Coltrane.  Here is a nice site for all fans Coltrane.  David Wild (a piano player and sometimes tenor sax player himself) has been responsible for compiling and publishing the standard discography, contributing to books, and writing liner notes for a number of Coltrane releases over the decades.  Checkout his site, it’s one of my favorite things!


Ween – as far as I’m concerned, is one of the most talented bands of the last decade, and they are not through yet either.  Ween represents musicianship.  Hard working musicians that are actually more into their music than their image (something rare now days).  Even more, Ween is a band that goes completely out of their way for their fans by doing such things as allotting fans a small number of tickets on their website, posting live music for free and responding to email.   Their website pretty much demonstrates this all to be true.

I love Steve Poltz.  What can I say?  Former Rugburns lead singer, Steve Poltz never ceases to amaze me with his unique style of melodic wit accompanied by his acoustic guitar.  But don’t take it from me.  His website offers a wide variety of his performances for free.  If you have never heard Steve Poltz, then you are missing out on a distinct musical talent that has that rare charm of drawing you in.  I cannot recommend this site enough.  There is also some cool merchandise available, as well as old Rugburns stuff and Steve’s solo CDs.

  Something Different!!!

Roller Coaster Database

“And now for something completely different,” to quote from Monty Python.  Checkout all the roller coasters across the country.

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