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Here is Hammond Guthrie’s uniquely styled web journal, “A Journal of Ongrowing Natures.”  This journal is actually very neat and works on a very distinct and unconventional level that gives it the feeling of something organic and frenetic.  Filled with poetry, strange and beautiful pictures, Guthrie has put together a journal that is very interesting.  With links to other contributors across the net, the reader is plugged into a wealth of information on the artistic front.  But what should ultimately be pointed out is that this is a great journal with a lot of great poetry and commentary.  Checkout the 3rd page! 

UP All Night

Music Director Phil Taylor is guiding the music scene into new directions.  Fed up with the dogma of industry created venues, Phil decided to take matters into his own hands by changing the industry from the inside out.  Having seen such success, Up All Night has created four major venues as well as creating a promotional wing that first and foremost caters to the musicians and its fans.  And there seems to be no end in sight for what can be accomplished through sheer self-determination.  A magazine is in its last stages to be produced and distributed freely to garner more support for its musicians.  From the inset, Up All Night has always been about setting up a venue where admission is free and creating an atmosphere where patrons would be encouraged to stay and support the venues out of the sheer idea of having a good time.  Not only does Up All Night supply the venues, but Phil Taylor has also taken it upon himself to supply the artists with television and press appearances.  And who said that you can’t mix work and pleasure?  This formula seems to be generating a great deal of success for Up All Night, while at the same time proving that a venue does not have to be run according to the old industry standard.

Everyday Beat

A quarterly published web portal devoted to everything related or anything that has a connection to, you guessed it…the beat generation.  They are always looking for submissions, so if you are inspired by the beat generation and your work has been influenced or is dedicated to that hip period, then Everyday Beat is a place you might want to look into.  They publish anything having to do with poetry, prose, essays, photography and visual artwork.

Omnitectural Forum

Here is a site that seeks to transcend the terrible events of September 11 through the powerful emotions locked within the written word.  It is often said that writing is therapeutic.  Read the poetry and prose shared by others affected by the events of this tragic day in our history.  Included within the site are many powerful photographs to put these poems into perspective.

Slought Networks: art and theory

Listen to live poetry from the Vancouver Poetry conference of 1963 that include such notables as Allen Ginsberg, Philip Whalen, Robert Creeley, Charles Olson, Denise Levertov, Robert Duncan and Margaret Avison.  Literally hours of tape have been put into streaming real time format for easy accessibility from your computer.  It is a great treat to hear these works spoken by the composers themselves.



Here is a very comprehensive online Zine with a myriad of links and a wealth of information.  ZNet is a politically oriented, leftist news source curtailing recent events within a one-stop source of information.  With a steady list of contributors, ZNet offers articles and explanations on a variety of subjects that goes more in-depth than your nightly news and with the sources to boot.  From wide ranging topics on activism, globalization, Iraq, the Middle East, the war on terror and various other newsworthy occurrences and issues, plug yourself into the debate and become active.

The Coming War In October?

Hear what a card-carrying member of the Republican party has to say about the rhetoric being espoused by the Bush White House to pursue an agenda to invade Iraq.  Scott Ritter, a former UN weapons inspector, lays down an open condemnation in explanation of what he perceives to be the true underlying motives of clear steps toward war come October.


Tom Waits Digest

Tom Waits is the cool, throaty genius of musicality.  Anyone submerged in the independent scene is probably familiar with Wait’s work on some level.  He is the figurehead, in a way, of a style that so many artists from directors to actors and musicians love to cultivate.  In short, Tom Waits represents a world that is embraced by so many involved in the creative underground scene.  He has inspired poetry, cinema and music.  With his unmistakably gruff voice and distinct musical sound, Tom Waits is akin to a Bukowski crossed with a Euripidean sentimentality.  He is someone who has learned to tap into all the emotions of the universal elements present in music.  His music has been featured in the movies of such directors as Jim Jarmusch and Wayne Wang, as well as starring in and composing the music for an accomplished list of movies.

Phantom Planet

Here is another great band that I cannot recommend enough.    If you haven’t heard of Phantom Planet, well then let me interject the word “yet”!  Phantom Planet is a great all around band in every aspect of a true rock band.  They are great lyrically, stylistically and prove an excess of talent when it comes to musicianship.  This excess of talent has also been proven in paths and ventures that the band members themselves have pursued.  Two members, Jason Shwartzman and Alex Greenwald have starred in movies, most will remember Shwartzman from Wes Anderson’s second movie Rushmore, and Jacques Brautbar is studying for his degree in music from The University of Southern California.  Checkout their official website to learn more about the band, listen to samples or watch the video for their hit “California”.

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