Poets Against The War

The poets are speaking out, and for those unaware of recent events, one such reading was rushed together in replacement of a gathering to be held at the White House after it was discovered that some of the invited poets had been planning on reading poetry that opposed war.  So now the Bush administration has even resorted to silencing the poets, but not to worry.  To find out more about similar events being organized across the nation, or to learn more about the aforesaid events, visit the link below.


MAP (The Museum of American Poetics) is an actual virtual museum that functions online.  This site is truly amazing.  Composed of poets, students, teachers, scholars, editors, publishers, literary centers and web designers, this unique group has come together to fashion an invaluable experience on the Internet.  This site is great for anyone who has even the remotest interest in poetry, and we cannot say enough about.  Watch the actual poets reciting their works, learn about them or just sit back and enjoy the benefits of poetry.  Click on the link below to see the tremendous amount of effort that has gone into the making of MAP.

Louisville Beach

Louisville Beach is a great, little webzine which seems to serve as its purpose, the purpose of enlightenment.  Dedicated to poetry, literary endeavors and all other creative and sporadic fulfillments, this site is a place of inspiration – or as it states – a webzine for the literary renaissance.  Here is a great site for writers and aspiring writers.  There are a number of great books tantalizingly set to the side of the page for the avid reader.  And for those who long for that general fix of the divine present in the word, or just the quick rub of its sanctity, here is where you will find it.

Farahay’s From The Heron’s View

Mike Farahay is truly a poet because he loves to write poetry for the expressed love of it, and this comes across in his poems.  Mike is also a regular contributor to The Blacklisted Journalist, so if his name sounds familiar it is probably because you have already read some of his work.  His style is one of resolute optimism and beauty, love of nature and a refined spirit.  Great poetry evokes great and subtle feelings of wisdom, joy and an interaction with the breathing world around us, and this is what Mike does.  He is a great poet, as well as a person who loves to inspire those around us.  His work is a celebration in a humble voice, and I am always humbled to read it.  If you love poetry, visit Mike’s site and you will see what exactly what I mean.

Disinfotainment Today

This is a great site.  Michael Dare’s weekly newsletter combines the week’s latest news with a twist of humor, wit, biting sarcasm and a penchant for satire.  Honestly, Dare does a tremendous job of compiling news articles from all across the net and delivering it to his readers with the punch of a dissident reporter.  Though this site is dripping with humorous jabs and right hooks, the bottom line is that the reader is probably more apt to find more truth here than in the nightly news.


Larry Flynt is not just for the average pornographic coinsurer.  He has long been active in politics, and Larry does a good job running this site.  He is a man who is as patriotic as any other, as well as on top of things.  Larry always finds important stories to post on his site, as well as compiling an impressive archive.  Check out Larry’s site below.

From The Wilderness Publications  

From The Wilderness is another great political site.  There are a myriad of articles, and though you must pay to read certain articles, the majority of the headlines can be read for free.


The Vines

The Vines are without any doubt one of the greatest bands to come out within the last few years.  Oscillating between a loud, raucous sound and then at time more dreamy and melodic, The Vines are a musically talented mixture of something between The Beatles and Nirvana.  Here is a disc that is a must for any appreciative rock fan.

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